Bust Buy Recycles….

Just found out that Best Buy recycles just about everything electronic and computer related!  Just as I am cleaning out my closets of old computers and peripherals.  :-)

Best Buy does not accept alkaline batteries for disposal. Customers should call 1-800-RECYCLING or visit www.1800recycling.com to find alkaline battery recycling centers in their neighborhoods.

Check out these  links for more details.

Newly proposed F1 2012 calendar

Bernie Ecclestone’s proposed calendar:

18 March            Australian GP
25 March            Malaysian GP
8 April             Chinese GP
22 April            Indian GP
13 May              Spanish GP
27 May              Monaco GP
10 June             Canada GP
24 June             European GP
8 July              British GP
22 July             German GP
29 July             Hungarian GP
2 September         Belgian GP
9 September         Italian GP
23 September        Singapore GP
7 October           Japanese GP
14 October          Korean GP
28 October          Abu Dhabi GP
4 November          Bahrain GP
18 November         US GP
25 November         Brazilian GP

This proposed calendar still needs to FIA before it is official, but it has been circulated around the teams on Thursday in Hungary.  Yes, the US GP will be in Austin, TX in November of 2012!  This is a great time of year.  It will be cooler and a possibility of rain is always an exciting addition to just about any racing!

Central Texas ranked 4th ‘most secure’ in U.S.

Just ran across this article in the Austin-American Statesman.  Just another fine example of why I like to live in Austin, Texas.

The Austin-Round Rock region was ranked as being the fourth safest city in the U.S., Farmers Group Inc.. The insurance carrier’s seventh annual “Most Secure U.S. Places to Live” ranks cities according to crime, weather, risk of natural disasters, housing depreciation, foreclosures, air quality, terrorist threats, environmental hazards, life expectancy and job loss statistics.

Read more: Central Texas ranked 4th ‘most secure’ in U.S. | Austin Business Journal 

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